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Lasershape is one of the fastest growing and best equipped engineering and fabrication companies in the UK.  Founded in 1988 and based in Nottingham, our facility offers best in class machinery for profiling, forming, panel bending, fabricating/assembling and powder coating products and components.

We have a brilliant team of 150 people who are passionate about providing great service and we are always looking for ways to improve it.  Be it through significant and sustained investment - £2m invested in machinery in 2016-2017 alone, or by developing the stars of the future through our commitment to apprenticeships.  We are a forward thinking, aspirational business that sees our customers as our partners.

Services Lasershape Provide


Laser Cutting

Our fully fibre optic fleet of laser cutting machines are running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With capacity up to 4m x 2m and some of the worlds most powerful and efficient machines, we can produce the highest quality parts, big or small.

Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting capabilities allow us to profile parts up to 150mm thick with exceptional cut quality with no heat affected area, a benefit that is often critical for certain applications in industries such as aerospace, rail and automotive.


We have a wide range of forming capabilities including Salvagnini Panel Bending technology, a high speed, high precision machine perfect for panels, trays, shelves and enclosures. Our 4 press brakes have capacity up 4m and 320T.

Fabrication & Assembly

We regularly weld and assemble parts for Rail, Automotive and Office Furniture customers to name a few. Our welding is approved for the Rail industry under EN 15085 welding regulations.

Powder Coating

Our environment friendly automated line can deliver 1,000 hours salt spray protection by using Chemetall's Oxsilan. With the latest powder booth from industry experts Gema and a team who focus on perfection the results are consistently outstanding.

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  • July 2018
  • 110
  • 1988
  • £11,000,000

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Chilwell Meadows Business Park, Brailsford Way, Nottinghamshire, NG9 6DH
Tel: 0115 972 9921